Audrey Hepburn photographed by Vincent Rossell dancing the twist at the studio de Boulogne during a break in the filming of Paris When it Sizzles, in September 1962. 

A very BIG thank you to my friend at The Fashion of Audrey for sending me these wonderfully candid pictures of Audrey.  Xo

tfios + 'oblivion'

I get emotionally attached to inanimate objects


What is that thing?

"São as nossas escolhas que fazem de nós aquilo que somos."
- Diário de um Banana. (via quotteando)


i’m actually a very chill person IRL like sometimes i only cry maybe once, twice a day


i can’t stop laughing he’s like what no climb

Robb and Talisa’s deaths in the Red Wedding

                                                             (requested by maniacalmurnane)